Long Term Stocking Rates and Pasture Plans

Long Term Stocking Rates and Pasture Plans

Your Farm’s Pasture Plan and Stocking Rate are two key metrics that need careful consideration and understanding, no matter how big or small.

For many livestock producers in Northern NSW, Pasture and Stocking Rates are areas of analysis that require tailored consideration as the farm resource bases offer huge diversity across large tracts of land. 

Pasture plans underpin the performance of livestock businesses – and having a good plan is vital to sustainability and scalability. 

It’s important to consider the following:

How much does the pasture cost to establish? How long will the pasture likely persist? What are the soil characteristics? Is the pasture well suited to the resource with strong evidence of adaptability? Do the pastures support the stock type and their energy requirements? Is supplementary feeding a consideration? 

Best-practice farming for primary producers, and financial literacy, come hand in hand. At RFCS, we provide you the tools you need to understand your finances and build a solid plan for your primary production enterprise. 

Reach out to weigh up the options and decide on a course of action for your business.