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How we work with you

Our first meeting

Our first meeting with you is to help us understand where you’re at. First and foremost, we listen.

We may ask questions about your enterprise and production, your property and finances, and your family. We will ask you to complete a Client Services Agreement. We may also ask for documents to determine your ongoing eligibility for our services.

RFCS has access to many govt. programs, grants and other agencies. Based on our initial conversation, we  may suggest these other services to help you in your current position.

If you require short “transactional “assistance, this first meeting may be all you need to help solve a problem, get answers to your questions, or know where to go for further information or help.

If your needs are further or complex, we may need more information to help you.

When Your Information Arrives

Once we have your information, we analyse your situation and get you back in (or visit you on-farm) to discuss where you are currently, where you want to be and/or what you want to do. Having the opportunity to meet with you on your farm helps us gain a much better understanding of the complexities of your business.

We may ask you to provide authority for us to speak with your accountant, banker, or solicitor.

We also cover off any issues you have flagged, or we have found.

Ready to go Forward

Our case management service will equip you with the tools you need to move forward. Once we understand where you want to be, we make a plan and action it, to ensure you’re moving toward these goals.

For some clients, and depending on the goals, this may take weeks, or sometimes months.

Regardless, we will be there to support you.