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Personal Protective Equipment

atv ppe What is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

PPE is clothing or equipment designed to control risks to health and safety in the workplace.

PPE is the least satisfactory solution to health and safety problems in the workplace, as it does not address the hazard – it only provides a shield to protect the worker.

PPE should therefore be used in addition to other control measures that provide workers with a higher level of safety, rather than replacing those measures.

It includes:

  • eye protection (goggles, safety glasses
  • hearing protection (ear plugs, ear muffs)
  • breathing protection (respirators, face masks, cartridge filters)
  • foot protection (safety boots)
  • head protection (hard hats, helmets, sun hats)
  • body protection (high-visibility garments, thermal wear, overalls, aprons, safety harnesses)
  • substances used to protect health (sun screen)
  • outer wear (reflective vests, fluoro jackets).

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